Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wholesaler and Distributor of Self Adhesive Films

I have been blogging for many companies worldwide but I dont think I ever talked about our company here in my blog.

So let me start here:

Stickerworld is a wholesaler and nationwide distributor of printing and plotting materials. We serve the printing, advertising and signage industry, providing a wide range of self adhesive vinyl films.

Typical applications are :
  • indoor and outdoor print media, 
  • vehicle wraps
  • road signs
  • signages
  • car decals
  • billboards 
  • display stands
  • wall art decorations
We sell value for money  products  for a reasonable price.

So if you have a requirement, please dont hesitate to give me a call or email me using the contact form above. Or click our logo to be redirected to our webpage.

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