Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflective Film Retailer

We are sourcing for new supply for all kinds of vinyl stickers such as reflective, translucent, transparent, opaque, frosted, and for digital printing. Being said that, we have been importing these goods for quite some time already but recently, we are short in some fast moving colors and films. Thus a quick fix would be to buy locally.

We browsed high and low, found several would-be suppliers from online forums, sulit and webpages. Based on our initial talk on the phone and via exchange of text messages, we were made to believe that they are importing and direct source from the manufacturers. And so, today, amidst my busy schedule, I went with the team to visit his shop - the shop. Only to find out that its a small time retailer, just buy roll of each color from a supplier and retails it in his sari-sari store. That long conversation over the phone has ended today.

Next job, search the net again and ask around. How about you? Do you know of a company who supply these products? I would be grateful.. want to earn commission? lol

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sticker Decals Dot Net

Sticker, sticker, decals, wall art, vehicle wraps, blah blah, that is our business! Our soul, our bread and butter!

Today, as I was checking on a good domain for another blog, I tried the domain - and was so happy! Its available! Without second thought, I purchased it at Go Daddy to be hosted at iPower. So expect another business to promote in this blog.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lights and Lamps

We used to stay in Paragon, a condominium in Mandaluyong City. The ground floor of the said building housed a big lights and lamps shop with imported products range from sparkling quoizel chandeliers, to sofa sets, tables and chairs, beds and other posh furnitures and fixtures.

I used to window shop around the shop for ideas on how to decorate our condo unit. I must admit its a little pricey there but there was one quoizel table lamps that I could not resist of not buying it. Yes, I could be an impulse buyer at times but for that particular purchase, I had to convince myself that lamp is ideal for our unit. Luckily, my husband also loved it! And so, the conversation is over! Its just perfect for our home lighting requirement.

Now we are living in a whole house in a middle class subdivision in Cavite, its still small but its perfect for our little family. We are a family of 5 by the way, with 2 househelpers - oh well, thats not really small now. One of the bathroom upstairs needs a makeover, I will probably sneak out of the office early today so I can check on quoizel bathroom lighting.


Want to Earn At Link Vehicle?

I have been invited by a blogger friend to register at Link Vehicle. Without hesitation, I registered and still checking the mechanics on how to earn from here.

It looks as if its a promising company. Hoping to earn some money from this company. For the time being, I am crossing my fingers..

Wholesaler and Distributor of Self Adhesive Films

I have been blogging for many companies worldwide but I dont think I ever talked about our company here in my blog.

So let me start here:

Stickerworld is a wholesaler and nationwide distributor of printing and plotting materials. We serve the printing, advertising and signage industry, providing a wide range of self adhesive vinyl films.

Typical applications are :
  • indoor and outdoor print media, 
  • vehicle wraps
  • road signs
  • signages
  • car decals
  • billboards 
  • display stands
  • wall art decorations
We sell value for money  products  for a reasonable price.

So if you have a requirement, please dont hesitate to give me a call or email me using the contact form above. Or click our logo to be redirected to our webpage.

Back in Business

Its been a while since my last write up here. I have been busy at Wordpress for my other blogs in fashion, travel, health, food, home management, work and about my family.

But for now, I am again inspired to update this as I found a very nice green template. I find the other one boring already! Its like dressing up in public, you don't want to wear the same clothes. lol

So whats up? What keeps you busy during the past months?