Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5th World Recycling Forum - Hongkong

The leaders in the field of technology, manufacturing, resources, recycling, legislation and policy-making will meet at the 5th World Recycling Forum - Hongkong.

The topics are:

* OEM's success and challenges regarding recycling
* Implementation of extended producer responsibility
* Best available technologies for dismantling, sorting and recycling
* Quality standards in recycling - how to check and monitor?
* Global trade and transboundary movement of raw materials and waste
* Update on worldwide recycling laws and regulations
* News about processes and plants for recycling and recovery
* "Good Morning Asia!" Reports about recycling and raw materials businesses
* Reuse, repair and recovery of used equipment

The forum is a platform to exchange information, to meet your business partners and to get easy access to new potential clients.

This is very beneficial for our company Mondo as we are basically more on the recycling and sorting of recyclable materials. I hope we could attend this forum.

And to visit Hongkong too! I was there a long time ago..

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