Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reflective Film Retailer

We are sourcing for new supply for all kinds of vinyl stickers such as reflective, translucent, transparent, opaque, frosted, and for digital printing. Being said that, we have been importing these goods for quite some time already but recently, we are short in some fast moving colors and films. Thus a quick fix would be to buy locally.

We browsed high and low, found several would-be suppliers from online forums, sulit and webpages. Based on our initial talk on the phone and via exchange of text messages, we were made to believe that they are importing and direct source from the manufacturers. And so, today, amidst my busy schedule, I went with the team to visit his shop - the shop. Only to find out that its a small time retailer, just buy roll of each color from a supplier and retails it in his sari-sari store. That long conversation over the phone has ended today.

Next job, search the net again and ask around. How about you? Do you know of a company who supply these products? I would be grateful.. want to earn commission? lol

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