Saturday, January 4, 2014

Why ecards are not killing Christmas

Modern Technology has transformed the world in which we live; especially in business, but new technology always has detractors. Recently, electronic greeting cards have come under attack from the Bishop of Hertford, the Rt Revd Paul Bayes. He slammed e-cards for crushing the festive spirit and stealing vital income away from charities that use greeting cards as a way to bring in funds during the festive season.

Alongside fair trade retail group, Traidcraft, the Bishop of Hertford is now looking to convince the public to begin buying traditional Christmas cards instead of using digital ecards. In lots of ways he may be right about individuals sending e-cards, but when it comes to corporate businesses the story is certainly different. Corporate e-cards are now hugely popular and doing a lot of good in the world in the following ways:

Saving trees

It may be true that e-cards are taking a slight bit of the fun out of sending cards to family and friends, but look at it from a business point of view. An organisation has to send out thousands of festive greetings rather than just a few, which has a huge effect on the amount of paper used. This means that every year hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down around the world to support corporate festive greeting cards. This is destroying the natural rain forest and habitats of exotic animals that are being forced to the edge of extinction by our paper usage. So sending an e-card makes sense when the environment is your top consideration.

Cutting carbon emissions

Businesses are being pressurized to cut carbon emissions vastly to hit Government targets and put an end to climate change. This makes the logistical ease of e-cards the perfect way to slash carbon emissions each festive season. Rather than having to transport thousands of cards to clients across the globe it takes just the click of a button to pass on festive greetings without harming the environment.

Giving something back to the environment

A bonus of buying your corporate e-cards at eco2greetings is that instead of just saving trees being pulled down and reducing your carbon footprint, they will even plant trees on your behalf. For every order of e-cards you place the team will plant ten trees across the world in the neediest areas. They will even promote this within your e-card to show your customers just how much you car about the environment.

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