Friday, January 31, 2014

Business Tips from CEO's

Want to be an entrepreneur? I will be posting here more business tips from the experts! From brilliant minds of CEO's, Presidents, Managers and Business Consultants.
“Always check your cash flow, as long as it’s positive, you’re doing already – Richard V. Dalao, Agri-PTS

“I’ve learned that you have to understand the local market very well so you can focus on the right products and the right image. You must understand competition, so you’ll know where to focus your strategies.” Daniel M. Moran, Red Ribbon Bakeshop

“Earning money is just a consequence of being an entrepreneur. The important thing is you do something for the good of the majority.” Tomas Victorino A. Meneses, Tyno Drug House

“If you work hard and do your very best, everything will fall into place – business will improve, your career will improve, and you will be rewarded financially. And that’s all I expect from our employees, for them to give their very best.”  Johnip Cua, Proctor  & Gamble Philippines

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