Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things You Didn’t Know About British Gas Business

Did you know that when you change business premises you are immediately moved over to a “deemed rate” tariff? This considerably higher rate is put in place because the moment you start using the supply a contract is deemed to exist between yourself and the current supplier of the property. Just another thing to add to the list of moving expenses. By moving over to British Gas Business your rate will instantly be lowered and a suitable tariff found.

Did you also know that unless you are using a smart meter or submitting very regular meter readings you will be paying for electricity you haven’t used? Smart meters send real time usage information to the billing department so that you are only charged for what you have used, not what the computer thinks you have used. British Gas Business offers free smart meter meters to its business customers, subject to terms and conditions.

Did you know that as well as this that British Gas Business already offers its 550,000+ business electricity customers free energy efficiency advice in order to help them reduce the amount of electricity they are using. By reducing the amount of electricity used British Gas Business are helping customers to reduce your electricity bill.
I think at this point we all know that checking out British Gas Business and making the switch is a top idea.

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