Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment From

Some of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment from

Have you ever heard of an ultrasonic cleaner? Don’t let the name confuse you. It has a fancy name but it has an important use. Ultrasonic is derived from ultrasound which is a recurring sound pressure with a higher frequency than the upper limit of human audible range. Ultrasound, which is inaudible for people, generally is around 20KHz or twenty thousand cycles per second. This sound is important and is the core element of the cleaning mechanism of this device.

The way this operates is that the ultrasound creates compression waves in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner. This sound action in the chamber of the cleaner agitates the liquid, leaving behind many millions of minuscule vacuum bubbles that do the cleaning to the object. This movement can create a pressure of 20,000 pounds of pressure per inch but are so small that the only result is the removal of dirt and impurities. This type of cleaning is suitable for objects which are delicate in nature. Examples of which are lenses, watches, electronic equipment and surgical instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be an integral part of your business or profession. If you have an electronic repair shop, cleaning electrical components is key element in the services which you may offer. If you’re a dentist, cleaning with just soap and water may not be enough. You need a strong enough action to clean the instruments but not powerful enough to break them. If you’re in the jewelry business and you want to add that added glitter to your collection, ultrasonic cleaning may just be the thing for you.

There is a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment available at SonicPro. Probably the most important part of the whole ultrasonic cleaning apparatus is the Ultrasonic Electric component which emits the ultrasound. These come in a variety of sizes and wattages which will fit your purpose:

  • Sonic Pro 1800      2-900 Watt Generators/Transducers Pack Set           
  • Sonic Pro 1200      1200 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set
  • Sonic Pro 900             900 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set
  •  Sonic Pro 600           600 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set

The cleaning agent is the physical liquid which, when combined with water, will be the one in contact with the object to be cleaned. The solution contains active ingredients which have been added to make the cleaning much more efficient. For example, minimizing the surface tension in the liquid increases bubble formation levels, so the solution must contain a good surfactant. Other agents have diversity in their function:

·         Standard electric & electronic component Cleaning Solution
·         Ink removal and degreasing agents
·         Fire and Smoke residue removing agents
·         Heat Scale Tarnish & Oxides and Rust Remover

Of course in this business one size doesn’t fit all. SonicPro is keen on talking with clients and providing them with a unique solution for their needs. You can rely on SonicPro for all of the following:

  •        Providing customers with custom design and retrofitng
  •         Test cleaning services for the client to check which best service to avail of
  •        Easy financing and leasing alternatives for the cost-conscious individuals
  •         Rental options for seasonal ultrasonic cleaning users


jennyL said...

Thanks for the comprehensive post about ultrasonic cleaning. My older bro has an electronics repair shop and I reckon that he needs to have an Ultrasonic cleaning equipment so he can clean some electronic parts much faster and cleaner.

Dez said...

Good thing I came upon your post here as I’ve been looking for an Ultrasonic cleaning equipment for our electronic parts here in our office. Our technician will be glad to use this new and efficient cleaning tools.

Litzie said...

I've never heard of ultrasonic cleaning and this post is an interesting read. It is nice to stumble on posts like this online, it gives more knowledge and internet has a better purpose. Thanks!

kaje said...

My cousin is branching out his dental clinic. It seems like an Ultrasonic cleaning equipment will make an excellent grand opening gift, right? Thanks for the lead!

Race said...

This can help my husband in repairing and cleaning electronic parts in our appliances. I’m sure he’ll appreciate Ultrasonic cleaners and will recommend it to his friends who are into electronics also. Thanks for sharing.

abie said...

We did a little cleaning up at home and we have uncovered some of our old stuff that we think we can still put to good use. I will check out Ultrasonic cleaner from as this might be the cleaning equipment that will best fit our requirement.

Mai said...

I've had an appointment with my dentist the other week and I saw her doing ultrasonic cleaning on her dental tools and equipment. Patients are therefore assured that the tools she uses are thoroughly cleaned.

SomethingPurple said...

Ultrasonic Cleaners are said to be the best when it comes to cleaning system. I am not aware of this but thanks to your article, now we are ready to invest on one.

Suzanne said...

You are so right! Per my dentist's testimony, her <a href="> Ultrasonic cleaning equipment </a> does a very good job in keeping her delicate instruments clean and safe. She swears by the brand and recommends it to her fellow dentists.