Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hydro-excavation is the Safest Way To Dig

Most countries around the world, if not all, have a vast underground infrastructure of pipelines, cables, wires and other facilities. All these underground utilities are necessary for the day-to-day living of people since they provide telecommunications, water, electricity, gases and fuels. So imagine what a single incident of disruption of these services can cause?

Because of numerous incidents of injuries, explosions, etc., a one-call system has been implemented in America and other countries for those who are planning to do some excavation activities. In Texas, for example, even the homeowners are required to call 811 before they can move dig in their yard.

That is why hydro-excavation has been developed and, eventually, has become an excavation standard worldwide. Since it only utilizes pressurized water to break up sod and soil and conveyed the water slurry into a debris tank by a vacuum, it has been considered as the safest and most efficient form of excavation. It is non-mechanical and less invasive making it non-destructive to the buried pipes and other facilities. Definitely, there’s no safer and better way to dig than with hydro-excavation! So if you are based in Texas and needs excavation, think of a company who has been in the trade for ages.

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