Friday, December 17, 2010

On Cleaning Floors

Time flies so fast and I cant believe that we are leaving soon for Dumaguete, my hubby's home place. We will be visiting his family for Christmas but we will be back before New Year.

When I came home today, our house helper complained about our current floor mop. Its a pity as I bought it only a month ago  at the  nearby supermarker. I looked at it and indeed the wear and tear is very visible.

Good enough that hubby remembered an exhibitor selling  Bissell Steam Mop  at the recently held exhibit at the SMX Convention Center. Luckily I took one of their namecard and some flyers. I will surely give them a call when we come back from our holiday.

While we were at their booth, they showed us the product, explained a bit. Hubby pressed my hand as a sign to leave the booth. As soon as I walked away, the staff asked me to try it and so having no choice, I did it and then and there, I was fascinated by how easy it is to maneuver, light weight and so easy to pack. What is special about this is its cleaning head can turn 360 degrees so it is easy to reach the difficult part of the house.

But what fascinates me more is that, the main component in cleaning is to only use water. We dont need to use any harm cleaning chemicals so it is very good for the environment. And what is good for the environment is also good for my family.

After reading several steam mop reviews, this is surely on top of my buying list early next year.

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