Monday, December 13, 2010

A Green Christmas Card

Every year, our suppliers and buyers especially from Europe do look forward for our Christmas cards. While there are a lot of modern way to send Christmas greetings, but we still prefer to send a Christmas cards from indigenous materials.

For more than 5 years, we ordered from Zero Tree, a company based in Laguna specializing in these kinds of materials. This time, we opted to make it ourselves.

We bought this abaca materials from Tabora Street in Divisoria for Php 70.00 or $1.59 for 1 pad. We chose various colors for sample making. Our production staff made a lot of samples but end up with one design.

A mix of brown and red abaca fiber accentuated with an angel at Php 10.00 ($0.22) made it to the top.

This is the actual Christmas Card we have sent to our contacts. A mix of brown and red made it to the top. We sent to Europe 2 weeks ago and receiving now their valued comments.

We inserted a piece of testliner brown bought at National Bookstore (Php 6.00 or $0.14) for our Christmas greetings in various languages.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Frohe Weihnachten und ein glueckliches Neues Jahr
Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon
Selamat hari Natal dan Tahun Baru

Finally, our personalized message written by the big boss and sealed with our signatures.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.


Mrs. Kolca said...

Very nice idea. Hope to receive a green Christmas card too. Hihi.

Auntie E said...

Very nice card.

Atif said...

too much brilliant card.very fantastic think.
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