Monday, January 25, 2010

No Trash Bags, No Permit for Vendors in Quiapo, Sta. Cruz

Quiapo Vendors
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No vendors will be allowed to ply their trade in Quiapo and Sta Cruz districts unless they have garbage bags for the trash they generate, a police official said Saturday.

Newly installed Sta. Cruz police station chief Superintendent Nelson Yabut, following a familiarization tour of his area of jurisdiction, said he observed that trash and refuse litter the streets of Carriedo and Avenida.

It seems that vendors just left their refuse in the streets after leaving the area at night creating a huge pile of garbage and making the street looked like a mini-dump.," Yabut said.

He directed the vendors to present spare trash bags for their garbage before they will be allowed to sell. "No trash bags, no permit," Yabut told the vendors.

Nestor Etolle
Philippine Star dated January 25, 2010

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