Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6 Easy Steps to Help Mother Earth

Environmental issues have been the foreground of today's news. As environmental and climate changes - we all are affected greatly. Let us all take part in helping save our only earth.

Here are some ways we can do to save the environment:

1.) Do not use plastic bags in the supermarkets. If you have the cloth reusable bags - bring it along when you go to the supermarket or mall. Cloth reusable bags are available in almost all stores.

2.) Do not always print receipts from the ATM machine. Save paper as much as possible.

3.) Turn off aircon, computer, lights if you will step out of your office for more than several minutes.

4.) Try to consume less electricity by using fluorescent lights - these consume less than incandescent bulbs.

5.) Collect pet bottles, shampoo bottles, softdrinks cans, carton boxes and bring it to a nearby junkshop or to the SM waste market.

6.) Collect your empty ink cartridges, as there are companies who will buy these from you.

These are just simple ways we do to help. One need not to think of grand ways to make a difference! Let us all work together to make a difference and save our mother earth!

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