Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waste Paper

As the paper and plastic business is not really good at the moment, we concentrate now in waste paper trading as this business does not involve any capital. We are just the indentor or the agent of both papermill and the supplier.

We have several suppliers mostly from Europe and Australia and now I am starting to source for additional suppliers from Korea and Europe.

We are serving 2 papermills in Indonesia for their waste paper requirements. Since one week, we have served 3,500 MT of waste paper with an earning of approx. USD 7,500.00. Not too bad right? Not bad at all for an extra income with no capital.

But this business is also not easy. We as indentor act as the middle man and most of the time, the recipient of blames, confrontation and all sort. But we dont create problem, we are the pacifier for both parties and oftentimes should the materials shipped by supplier is not in accordance with the buyer's expectation, we also lose our share! Meaning lose our income too!

Anyway, these are the common waste paper sold in the market today.

OCC 90/10 - 90% Old Corrugated Cartons, 10% Other Paper
OCC 95/5 - 95% Old Corrugated Cartons, 5% Other Paper
SMP - Mixed Paper
ONP - Old News Paper

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