Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garbage Sells

Garbage Sells! You might wonder how this could work. But indeed there is money in trash - in almost all kinds of trash. As a matter of fact, this business is becoming famous.

Every Pinoy must encourage recycling even at home. I can still recall when I visited Germany before, recycling at home is really strong that even kids know how to separate plastics from paper from kitchen waste. It just needs some push and control in our household especially our househelpers.

This is my suggestion:

Normally our kitchen has a trash can right? So make that as the can for kitchen wastes eg. vegetable peelings, etc. Then hang 2 plastics at the back of the door. One plastic for paper and one plastic for all plastics.

When the plastics are full, put them outside the house in a separate container. When these containers are full, you can sell them to junkshops or to bote-dyaryo guys roaming around villages.

The SM Waste Market offers venues for us to trade-in our recyclable materials. Companies in the same trade have their own booth. These are junk electrical equipment and appliances; used lead acid batteries; used PET plastic bottles; and aluminum or tin cans. The waste market also serves as a drop-off area for polystyrene or styrofoam scrap, junk cellphones and cellphone batteries.

With the waste market at the malls, converting trash to cash is as easy as going on a shopping spree.

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Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for your tip! I was wondering though how used glass medicine bottles could be recycled? or if any recycling center buys used medicine bottles? I have over a hundred bottles and I don't know how I can dispose of them properly. Thanks!