Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheap water storage solutions for your business

So you need to find a way to store water at your work site? You’ve already looked into permanent tanks, but they don’t suit your needs, are too expensive, or you can’t leave a permanent tank behind when the job is over. Why not consider a cheap and portable alternative below?

Onion Tanks

Onion tanks (also known as collar tanks) are portable self-supporting tanks made from collapsible fabric. These collapsible tanks are open topped with a foam-filled ring at the top, creating a floating collar. As the tank is filled with water, the collar floats while keeping the water securely inside, while allowing easy access. The top covers are completely removable, so when you need water fast, no time or water is wasted. 

Using an onion tank affords many benefits, including rapid set-up time, compact and easily transportable to remote locations. Onion tanks are made from a variety of low maintenance, easy to clean materials, and come with a ground sheet/carry bag to ensure that your tank is packaged and stored safely every time.

The most common uses of onion tanks include storage of drinking water, harvesting rainwater, and storage of water for fire-fighting. Other areas you could use onion tanks in your business include storing chemicals, contaminated waste and fuel.

Pillow Tanks

Pillow tanks (also known as bladders or bladder tanks) are versatile collapsible tanks ideal for temporary water storage. These tanks are often used where a significant volume of liquid is required to be stored onsite, but permanent storage would be either inefficient or overly expensive. One key benefit is that these tanks can be deployed and redeployed quickly, reducing the possibility of schedule issues or keeping personnel on extended standby. 

The applications of pillow tanks are far-ranging, including water storage for businesses, disaster relief, military use, and for both water and chemical storage in construction and mining sectors. These sturdy tanks can hold water, fuels, a variety of chemicals, oils, gases, various liquids, effluent and slurries. For business use, pillow tanks can store up to 1,000,000 litres per tank, but are also available in smaller volumes for use in extended 4WD travel, and remote liquid storage. When empty, pillow tanks are light and take up very little space, making it a good choice when storage availability is limited.

Constructed from reinforced, heavy-duty PVC or Polyurethane Polymer, pillow tanks are both chemical and ultraviolet light resistant, algae resistant, and tough against abrasions. Unlike onion tanks, pillow tanks have a range of accessories available for different uses. These are key reasons that pillow tanks are NATO certified and currently in use by the Australian Defence Force. For the specific needs of your business, tanks can also be customised to the job. Look into companies such as Fabric Solutions to see what tanks would best suit your business.

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