Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment From

Some of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment from

Have you ever heard of an ultrasonic cleaner? Don’t let the name confuse you. It has a fancy name but it has an important use. Ultrasonic is derived from ultrasound which is a recurring sound pressure with a higher frequency than the upper limit of human audible range. Ultrasound, which is inaudible for people, generally is around 20KHz or twenty thousand cycles per second. This sound is important and is the core element of the cleaning mechanism of this device.

The way this operates is that the ultrasound creates compression waves in the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner. This sound action in the chamber of the cleaner agitates the liquid, leaving behind many millions of minuscule vacuum bubbles that do the cleaning to the object. This movement can create a pressure of 20,000 pounds of pressure per inch but are so small that the only result is the removal of dirt and impurities. This type of cleaning is suitable for objects which are delicate in nature. Examples of which are lenses, watches, electronic equipment and surgical instruments.

Ultrasonic cleaning can be an integral part of your business or profession. If you have an electronic repair shop, cleaning electrical components is key element in the services which you may offer. If you’re a dentist, cleaning with just soap and water may not be enough. You need a strong enough action to clean the instruments but not powerful enough to break them. If you’re in the jewelry business and you want to add that added glitter to your collection, ultrasonic cleaning may just be the thing for you.

There is a wide variety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment available at SonicPro. Probably the most important part of the whole ultrasonic cleaning apparatus is the Ultrasonic Electric component which emits the ultrasound. These come in a variety of sizes and wattages which will fit your purpose:

  • Sonic Pro 1800      2-900 Watt Generators/Transducers Pack Set           
  • Sonic Pro 1200      1200 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set
  • Sonic Pro 900             900 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set
  •  Sonic Pro 600           600 Watt Generator/Transducer Pack Set

The cleaning agent is the physical liquid which, when combined with water, will be the one in contact with the object to be cleaned. The solution contains active ingredients which have been added to make the cleaning much more efficient. For example, minimizing the surface tension in the liquid increases bubble formation levels, so the solution must contain a good surfactant. Other agents have diversity in their function:

·         Standard electric & electronic component Cleaning Solution
·         Ink removal and degreasing agents
·         Fire and Smoke residue removing agents
·         Heat Scale Tarnish & Oxides and Rust Remover

Of course in this business one size doesn’t fit all. SonicPro is keen on talking with clients and providing them with a unique solution for their needs. You can rely on SonicPro for all of the following:

  •        Providing customers with custom design and retrofitng
  •         Test cleaning services for the client to check which best service to avail of
  •        Easy financing and leasing alternatives for the cost-conscious individuals
  •         Rental options for seasonal ultrasonic cleaning users

Thursday, April 26, 2012

PV Solar Systems: Saving Energy and Money

If you’re thinking about ways to save money, help conserve energy by using renewable energy resource to power your home, looking at solar power systems would be your best bet. There are now pv solar systems that are made for home use. Solar PV uses sunlight to produce electricity and offers emission-free, environment friendly resource of sustainable energy. This system uses panels to generate energy from the sun during daylight instead of directly absorbing sunlight, thus, you still produce energy even during cloudy days.
For you to take the best advantage of these solar systems for your home, the most important parts that you should look into are the panels to use. These are more popularly known as the PV modules which are actually a series of small cells made from silicon that converts light into electric current. A group of PV panels will be connected together to form an array of panels which is what you’d usually see on the roofs of houses running on solar energy source.
PV solar systems however cannot easily be considered cheap to install. You have to realize that to achieve better efficiency you must be willing to shed some more. There are cheaper panels that you can use but you have to make sure that they are suitable for the amount of daylight you receive or the space you have for an array of panels on your roof. Despite the high costs involved in preparation and installation of these solar pv systems, more and more homeowners are becoming interested in using renewable energy source offered by the sun.
With these PV systems, you are not just taking your part in conserving the environment, you are also doing yourself a great favor with an investment that will give more savings in time. You will be using environment friendly, clean and cheap energy while you enjoy savings on your electrical bills and may even sell energy if you are producing more than what you need.   

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Custom Labels From

The benefits of getting your custom labels from

Almost every consumable item that can be bought nowadays comes with labels that show the product’s name. Sometimes these labels and stickers also show other important information about the product such as ingredients, directions for use, and the manufacturer’s name and address, among other things.

More than this function to show important information about the product, these labels can also be used to attract potential new buyers. The design of the labels matter a lot because when many similar products are put on supermarket racks, a typical shopper will not often bother to scrutinize each and every brand. Some shoppers choose by price, some by brand name, while there are also others who choose simply by the looks of the product which include the custom labels that the product is identified with.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in making your personalized labels, then take a few minutes to visit You will find a large selection of options when ordering your custom labels and stickers from Below are some of the benefits of using for all your custom label needs.

·         Flexibility. understands that their customers have different needs and requirements. This is why has made it a point to handle and offer numerous options for its customers. You can the print mode, size, shape, quantity, colors, material, form factor, processing time, and proofing.
·         Instant Pricing. There is no need to request for a quotation or to wait for one because the site offers live pricing so that you can immediately know how much your order will cost. This is perfect for those who are under a very tight deadline. Aside from the instant pricing, you can also order directly from the site, as well as reorder if you need additional quantities.
·         Customer Service. Excellent customer service can be difficult to come by especially if the business is conducted mostly online. Nevertheless, offers no less than this. Customers can enjoy several ways of contacting such as through live chat or call.
·         Quick Delivery. Aside from instant pricing, makes it even easier for you to get your orders fast with the optional overnight delivery. This one-day processing is guaranteed to ensure that you get your custom labels and stickers quickly.
·         Artwork Help. understands that your business may not necessarily have a graphic designer on board. To help you come up with a design that is optimized for production, you can find detailed artwork help on the website. You can find specific instructions and explanations for the bleed and safe zone, borders, spot white, fonts, resolution, file formats, color, and overprinting. If you still need any additional help with regard to preparing your label files for printing, you can easily contact for assistance.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Recycling Tip: Getting Cash for Clothes!

 Every day, garbage we throw out is piling higher and higher in landfills. If you would try to sort things out and try recycling and reusing old stuff, you can lessen your share in this growing problem of pollution and waste issues. More than that, you can actually earn money from your trash and get Cash for Clothes easily!

There are now online companies in the UK that helps in the move for greener and cleaner plant through recycling especially old clothes, linens, toys, rags and books. Cash for clothes is an easy way to join in cleaning up the planet while you earn some extra money for it. Your old clothes can go far into 3rd world countries where they will be greatly appreciated and worn. Worn out clothes can even be sent to fiber reclamation and made into new clothes and textiles.

Sorting out your stuff and discovering usable and recyclable items can help the planet deal with our growing garbage and pollution issues. Many industries are now helping this green move which also serve as an encouragement for those who are willing to share what they have instead of contributing it to our growing landfills. It is now easy enough to get cash for clothes in the UK and help in saving the planet and unfortunate brothers at the same time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mindanaonon Environment Summit Set in Davao City

With the intention of building strong collaboration among government agencies, private sectors and non-government organizations (NGO’s) and promote the protection of the environment, EarthSoul Solutions is set to conduct the first “Mindanaonon Environment Summit” this month.

The 3 day summit set on April 20-22 at the NCCC Mall, Davao City is in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department  of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of the Interior and Local Government, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and the City of Davao.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bulacan Capitol Eyes Recycling Plant

Good news to all citizens of Bulacan! Bulacan Capitl plans to open a recycling plant after Governor Wilhelmino  M. Sy Alvarado announced that the Provincial Government of Bulacan will build their own Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at the compound of the Bulacan Medical Center which will be managed by the Bulacan Environment and Natural Resources Office (BENRO). This project is in coordination with the Provincial General Services Office or PGSO.

Governor Alvarado issued a Memorandum No. 52 instructing all department heads, capitol employees and owners of establishments within the provincial capitol ground to segregate garbage which will then be hauled to the proposed MRF at the BMC Compound.

He added that those who will not follow the guidelines on proper waste management will be meted with appropriate penalties and fines.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blog Update

I have been really occupied with my other blogs in Wordpress and thought of concentrating to update my blogs in Blogger this weekend. I have 4 blogs in Blogger format, 3 of which with its own domain name while the other one still under ending. That is my oldest blog and will keep that under blogspot. I use that to chronicle my daily escapades at home and work.