Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Are You Aware of Green Printing Industry?

These days, more and more people are taking the topic of environmental conservation seriously. What most companies do now is to use social media and the internet to promote their services and businesses. How will they not, when printing and giving away your latest marketing brochures will earn you raised eyebrows and comments on paper waste and it’s damaging effect on the environment.
Many print vendors these days still employ the traditional ways of printing marketing brochures and promotional leaflets, but there are now printing Melbourne companies that employ green printing methods. These will not only help you lessen your environmental footprint but it will also benefit your company as it raises an image of social responsibility.
Green printing utilizes vegetable and soy based inks and certified recycled papers which are also great materials for your advertising brochures or sales and promotion papers. Using these materials and using green printing techniques will make a significant change in your printing requirements and it also let your clients know that you care for the environment seriously.
Many get the wrong impression that this printing technique is more expensive than the traditional style, but this is not true especially if you compare it with future benefits. To know more about your printing options, find print brokers near you and discuss with them your needs and requirements.

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