Monday, April 26, 2010

Trash for Cash

My mom who is visiting us this summer said that she has sold our kitchen trash which she has collected for a week.

These are pet bottles from mineral water, oil plastic containers, San Mig Light aluminum cans, milk and sardines tin cans, newspapers and some used carton boxes.

She sold to a mangbobote guy who keeps on roaming around the village for scrap. She got Php 120 - not bad for scrap items!!

How about you? Do you sell your scrap too?


Mommy Cherleen said...

I do! Recycling scraps and selling them to junk shops are my contribution to save the Earth. You may want to read my post about it. Eco-Friendly Habits at Home :)

Vannie said...

hi! thanks for dropping by my blog! pls do visit often!

nice blog by the way! go green living!


My Lavender Fields

Christina said...

@ Mommy Cherleen - thanks for your contribution. we have our fair share..

@ Vannie - go Green living indeed!