Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Major Components of Police Uniforms

Major Components of Police Uniforms

It is important that each component of a police uniform is durable and comfortable. In addition, a law enforcement officer needs different uniforms for different aspects of their job. The clothing that is perfect for time in the office won't be sufficient out on the streets. Visit Blauer for a full line of law enforcement uniforms and gear. You'll find everything from protective outer wear to basic accessories.

Blauer carries shirts and pants for every law enforcement need. The LS Polyester Armorskin winter base shirts will keep you warm in the colder months, while the Cotton Job T-shirt is ideal for warmer times of the year. Police polo shirts work nicely in the office, and they provide a professional appearance without sacrificing comfort. Blauer even carries a line of graphic T's for off duty hours. Each of the shirts can be paired with a matching pant that ranges from the casual cotton trouser to dressier wool blend pants.

When out in the field, it is important to be comfortable, warm, and dry so that you can focus on the job at hand. Start with base layer tops and bottoms. Blauer's long underwear, turtlenecks, and T-shirts are all made off excellent quality materials. The mid layers are comprised of sweaters and pull overs that look professional while keeping the warmth next to your body.

Blauer's outerwear offers law enforcement everything they need to protect themselves from the elements. The high visibility pieces keep one safe in traffic, rain, or nighttime settings. The bright yellow and reflective trim lets everyone clearly see you. The Gortex fabric used in many of the other jackets is both windproof and waterproof, but it is also breathable. Parka length jackets protect you from snow, cold, wind, and rain while preserving your uniform underneath for a professional appearance. Blauer outerwear is a necessity in many tactical situations and in colder climates. If you're in a moderate climate, these pieces let you comfortably stay outdoors for longer lengths of time.

Safety vests are a vital component to any law enforcement uniform. They come in high visibility yellow with reflective trims. This allows any officer to be easily spotted and identified. Many vests can be labeled as fire, police, or sheriff. All Blauer vests are ANSI 207-2011 certified. The breakaway feature allows each vest to be removed quickly if it becomes a hazard by catching on a vehicle or becoming involved in some other dangerous situation.

Even the smallest items are key components of a police uniform. Hats provide warmth, visibility, and can even be a source of identification to others. The Watch Cap has a traditional design with ribbed knit. It includes a windproof and breathable lining for an extra barrier against cold. The Stretch Fitted, B.DU Patrol, and Multicam B.DU Patrol Caps are the perfect for warmer climates out in the field. Gloves, socks, and boots are essential for protecting the feet and hands from the climate and one's surroundings.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shipping Goods with Foam Packaging Sets

Shipping valuable and delicate goods can sometimes give you a headache. There might be instances where you will be worrying if the goods can be delivered in good shape. However, the use of packaging sets materialized from foam can save up all your worries.

Why Use Foam Packaging?
Foam packaging is widely used by homeowners and even large companies when shipping delicate items. For a fact, this means of packaging is cost-effective because it is cheaper and durable. During the long course of shipping or storing of goods, the items will remain intact and undamaged.

Aside from the cost-efficiency, there are other perks that you can cite from the use of foam packaging material. Firstly, it comes in different types that accommodate specific items to be shipped or stored. Among these are egg crate sets, anti-static pick and pluck foam, and poly foam. Lastly, foam packaging material is pro-green. Depending on the type of foam packaging, it is reusable because of its long time of usability ranging from 8 to 10 years.

Where to Find Foam Packaging Material?
Whenever you have to ship your delicate goods, you can make use of foam packaging material. There are various foam factory that also offers other foam products serving a variety of purposes. Nevertheless, the products are offered in excellent quality and in competitive prices.

The Wrap
The use of foam packaging material is indeed a wise decision whenever you ship valuable and delicate items. It will not only protect your goods but will also keep your mind away from too much worry.