Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-use Invitations

Year after year, I received numerous party invitation. I normally collect them and gather them in a box. One day, I was not able to source for photos for a school project for the kids. Then I remembered those invites. You know what happened next:

Anyway here is a few good reasons why you should keep them as well:

  1. Use them to spice up your child's school projects
  2. Put them in an album altogether with your most memorable party photos. They can decorate your scrapbooks as well.
  3. Cut out the characters and turn them into paper dolls. They'll make nice giveaways for your child's friends.
  4. Help your child create his very own comic book. Glue the cutouts onto folded pieces of paper. Draw balloons next to the characters for writing wacky quotes.
So the next time you receive an invites, you know what to do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Plastic on Wednesday

Attention fellow shoppers, let this be a reminder that on September 23, several government agencies and business establishments have established a Memorandum of Agreement that there will be no free plastic bag every Wednesday. If the consumer has no reusable bag, then they will be charged for a fee.

This campaign is called "PagbaBAG ko, PagbaBAGo". I hope that this is just start for us. Let us help each other a better world, a cleaner environment, less plastic.

Thus, we at Recycling loop, are making ways to help our local environment here which I will post in the coming days once the project is feasible.

photo from internet

So again, no plastic on Wednesday!