Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eco-Friendly Display Stand

While in Fespa exhibition in Munich, one of the company featured an eco-friendly display stand made of recycled products.

This is a lot cheaper compared to the usual standee as it is made of recycled paper. You do not only save in money, you also help the environment.

So if you are thinking of having an indoor exhibition, in the mall or in convention center, think about this product.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Scrap Art Saturday #2

On the way to our meeting at LG Twin Tower in Seoul, we dropped by a park as we arrived there 1 hour before our scheduled meeting.

Just across the tower, is a very nice and long park along the Han River. A boat cruise along the Han River is surely the best way to view the beauty of Seoul. We planned to do that after the meeting but when we came out, it was already raining so we postponed that trip.

As we were walking in the park, I saw this nice artwork made of scrap. Truly a masterpiece and thats why I am sharing this to my readers today:

How about you? Do you have scrap art collections in your closet, house, office or even just in archive? Why not share it with us?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beautiful Earth

Beautiful Earth (what a marvelous thing)
By: Kathye D. Perry

What a wonderful joy it is to see,
The beauty of nature and its majesty.

Everything blends, entwines and embraces,
Spaced precisely in their designated places.

What a marvel to see, I wish I were a bee,
Flying free,
Smelling life's roses, no particular place to be.

How can it be, such a marvel to see
When it’s possessed by such as you and me?

Ours to have, cherish, and protect,
Not to pollute, take for granted, nor neglect.

Enjoy the earth, treat it kind
After all it is ours, yes... yours and mine.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scrap Art Saturday #1

Welcome to Recycling Loop. Today, we have launched the Scrap Art Saturday photo meme.

As this blog is about environment / Mother Earth / recycling, thus we would like to hear from you what kind of scrap art you made or encountered.

We have a very simple rule:
1. Every Saturday, post a photo of Scrap Art
2. Include any Scrap Art badge (which will be released soon) or a link to this post.
3. Add your link
4. Visit other blogs listed in the link.

Pretty simple right?

Okay, here we go: for this week's entry, TRL visited a gallery where scrap arts are featured. This was when TRL thought of making it a Saturday Meme. This unique piece is made of metals, surely scrap.

I showed this to my kids and immediately they shouted - oohh.. Old Transformer!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boring Wooden Pallets

Do you have a lot of old and ugly looking pallets stored in your warehouse? Its a sore looking at them but hey, why not paint it with your favorite color and you will be amazed at how this piece of shit transforms like a piece of art.

Look at what I found while strolling in a hardware/construction shop in Germany.. they brought good justice from those boring wooden pallets to a piece of art. Isnt it a nice concept in displaying your goods?

A nice recycling concept indeed! Share your recycling secrets too..

This is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday.